The serverless "neural" station NeuroKom® IP

How it works

The NeuroKom® IP system works in a network with intelligent end devices without central components, such as a hardware server. The classic "single point of failure" is eliminated - a very important security aspect. A neural communication for speech, data and more is realised, whereby each functionality can be taken on board by one or more NeuroUnit® units. It is essentially capable of integrating loudspeakers, microphones, inputs/outputs, keys, keyboards and other devices such as video cameras, access control readers or evaluation and signalling devices into a NeuroKom® IP concept via USB interface and I²C adaptation.

The independent call stations are registered in the IP network, automatically form a neural network and solve all communication tasks themselves. Even the smallest unit, consisting of two NeuroKom® devices, can implement the entire performance spectrum of the NeuroKom® IP principle. Up to 9,000 NeuroUnit® devices can communicate directly.

NeuroKom® IP from Gehrke works with its own real-time operating system and all common network protocols are available. This makes the applications extremely secure and reliable.

Technical data

Communication protocols NKKPF, SIP, IAX2, H.323
Audio transmission codecss G.711, G.722, PCM 16, PCM 32, PCM 48
Audio rates Speech: 3,4 kHz
Speech: 7 kHz
Full-Audio: 8 kHz
Full-Audio: 16 kHz
Full-Audio: 24 kHz
Management protocols SSNMP, OPC, NKMP
AF-power for each unit 0.8 W - 40 W depending on equipment
Operating voltage per unit PoE, PoE+ or 48 VDC external
System expansion up to 9,000 NeuroUnit® units

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