An intelligent intercom system that learns - open to new ideas.

The world of communication around us is constantly changing, also in the field of security technology. So you have to have your finger on the pulse of the times and combine the tried and tested with the new.

„A whole different intercom system …“

That was - and is - our vision when we set about developing a system that is innovative and offers the customer a multitude of individual design possibilities for their intercom systems.

It takes courage, an idea and a lot of enthusiasm to break new ground. Our focus is on progressive and solution-oriented technology. In everything that is technically possible and also in our future developments, Gehrke always focuses on the human being, whether as end user, administrator or installer.

Simple. Serverless. Communicate.

Gehrke has based NeuroKom® IP on artificial neural networks. Building on each other, neuronal networks learn, acquire new skills step by step and the intelligence of the system increases as a result.

The NeuroKom® IP principle is the logical further development of conventional intercom systems and uses network technology as a basis without losing compatibility with existing intercom technologies or customer solutions.

Read more about it, ask us and quickly you will understand and say: "Yes, sounds logical. It is that simple."

Here we have prepared a short film for you. Sit back and see for yourself how easy NeuroKom® IP really is!

Serverless intercom technology = Green Intercom

We want the best for our customers and also for the environment, therefore we pay close attention to energy efficiency and minimise environmental pollution. With our serverless NeuroKom® IP innovation, we take Green IT and sustainability into account.