Communication and intercom solutions ideal for planners, installers and operators

The uniqueness and simplicity of Gehrke's NeuroKom® IP components make them extremely interesting for all project participants.

Freedom of design

For the planner, all the advantages of Gehrke and NeuroKom® IP are obvious. Decades of experience in communication and intercom solutions have been incorporated into Gehrke's extremely modern and neural components. This means that the planner can rely on the required professional competence. Complex infrastructures are eliminated.

Flexible connection between function and support

The installer only has to deal with the respective location of the neural unit and can thus easily implement the wishes of the planner and operator. PC default tools such as an internet browser are sufficient to configure Gehrke's devices and adjust them for individual use by the operator or end user.

Well in shape for every adaptation

Changes in security and communication concepts no longer pose major challenges for the operator, because the only prerequisite for the integration of further Gehrke Neurokom® IP units is given through a network. Nowadays this is a basic facility in a building and its multifunctionality makes it far superior to conventional cabling, such as low-voltage cabling via telecommunications cable.