Convenient configuration and administration of call stations

The configuration, administration or extension of the NeuroKom® IP units is very simple. Since each NeuroUnit® module is to be seen as an active network component, the standardised settings in the network are used. Here, the consideration is not directed through a centrally organised system, but only takes into account the tasks of the respective workplace and location.

Don't make it complicated.

The neural intercom stations are supplied with operating voltage from the network via PoE (Power over Ethernet). Usually no cabling other than the network cable is required. A web browser is integrated in each call station, which makes the configuration of the device simple and clear.

All the important settings are assigned to the call stations via the browser interface. In addition to the standard network settings such as IP address and IP mask, only the relevant call number and the workstation-related volume settings are required. A maximum of three to five settings are therefore sufficient to set all parameters needed to make the NeuroKom® IP device work as desired. Further selection fields are available for extended functions.

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