Building communication - Every project is different. So is every NeuroKom® IP solution.

Fast, clear and secure voice communication is the be-all and end-all in buildings.

But when do you need this internal communication? More often than you think, e.g:

  • the barrier in the car park does not work
  • the elevator gets stuck
  • the alerting and evacuation of a school must take place
  • the surgery team requires relevant patient information
  • a crisis has occurred in a public building
  • an emergency call must be triggered out of a passenger or road tunnel …

The functionalities of NeuroKom® IP stations and the possible solutions are as versatile as the application areas and customer requirements. Extremely fail-safe and with Open Duplex voice quality, they can be optimally integrated into new or existing security solutions. Small network to complex intercom concepts can be implemented.

The neural intercom stations can be combined with mobile terminals such as tablets or smartphones and, depending on requirements, can be equipped as table, door, wall or built-in intercom stations, with or without touch display or with or without camera, and supplemented with additional modules for RFID, loudspeakers, interfaces, etc. The neural intercom stations can also be equipped with a mobile interface for the use of RFID technology.

Some examples for the intelligent network components

  • Door, gate and barrier communication, incl. the control system
  • Lift emergency call in accordance with EN 81, information and emergency call systems
  • Amok alarm and emergency hazard reaction systems (in accordance with DIN VDE V 0827) for schools, universities and public institutions
  • Operating theatre and clean room stations
  • Industrial intercoms for different ambient conditions
  • Control desk systems with or without radio control
  • Access authorisation and public address systems

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